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The Preferred Green Building System by Quality Builders, Developers and Home Owners

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Welcome to Green Sense Builder - the leader in green building systems and a designer of alternative home building systems. By utilizing the SIP - Structural Insulated Panel building system, we provide a green building system that is energy efficient and offer a cost competitive SIP Home Package. Our Custom SIP Home Packages are among the most energy efficient building systems available on the market!  GSB is dedicated to California's CalGreen initiative of 2011. Click here for additional information about CalGreen.


Contact Green Sense Builder to convert your existing home plans to SIP. GSB will also provide structural engineering on your existing home plans. Modifications of existing custom plan sets can be provided only with the approval of the existing copyright holder(s).

Why choose Green Sense Builder and Why you must Build Green?
Green Sense Builder is the ideal choice for your green building project. A green home is built with the efficient use of materials, manpower, and energy. We concentrate on providing a home design that will utilize green building product, sensitive to the environment, eco-friendly, utilize natural green products, simple in design,  built efficiently, save the builder time plus money during construction, and provide a lifelong energy savings to the owner. To get the green home to become a reality for our client, Green Sense Builder focuses on the economics of providing the green home. Our clients want “Green”, but our clients respond to “save some money” better than they do to “save the planet.” Forty percent of the energy consumed in the United States is in homes and businesses, as opposed to twenty-eight percent in transportation. It is important that our concentration on reduction of the carbon footprint of the United States on our planet, be focused on the home. The energy utilized to construct a home is as important to the “Green” aspect of a home, as is the energy saved once the home is occupied. Green Sense Builder provides an eco-friendly home construction process and allows our client to enjoy the comfort of their green home. Our client will do their part in saving the planet, without emptying their wallet for an “eco-friendly” green home. Green Sense Builder encourages you to utilize our sensible approach to a green home. A significant portion of our green home focus is on Structural Insulated Panel (SIP). SIP as supplied from many suppliers is produced from environmentally friendly products utilizing renewable, sustainable, and recycled product.

By utilizing our SIP System we provide the most modern, maintenance free, energy efficient building systems on the market today with up-to-date alternative energy systems in solar, wind and other power systems.

SIP Home 1Green Sense Builder offers a variety of individual services from design conception to complete SIP Home Packages.  We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients are completely satisfied with our personalized service and commitment to excellence.

Every one of our homes qualifies to go through the Energy Star Program and can be rated upon completion for the Energy Star "Seal of Approval". Not only will the home be more energy efficient and save the homeowner money over the life of the home, but the homes resale value is increased.  Refer to the Energy Star Program information section on this page.

SIP CommercialOur SIP System does not require highly skilled tradesman to erect it.  This system allows the contractor to complete the project in less time than a conventional stick-frame building system, and is designed to function for the clients lifestyle and offers great curb appeal, while maintaining a high resale value.

For the log home market we have a SIP System with the look and feel of a real log home, but without the problems of building and maintaining an actual log home. Green Sense Builder takes the allure of log and the sensibility of SIP and offers the SIP&Log™.  We offer numerous variations of log sidings.

Contact GSB at:

Green Sense Builder, Inc.
101 W. McKnight Way
Suite B139
Grass Valley,  CA  95949

Main Sales Office:  (530)-798-0492
Please visit for information on the Green Expandable Mobile Dwelling Unit System. 
AND see for the HH Cool Panel, an advanced SIP wall system.


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