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About Green Sense Builder

SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) The Preferred Building System by Quality Builders, Developers and Home Owners

Green Sense Builder, Inc., is established in 2008 with seasoned professionals in the SIP field. Our goal is to be the leading designer, structural engineer, and provider of green home building systems.  By utilizing the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Building System, we've formulated the most energy efficient and cost competitive SIP Home Package on the market.

Our Design Center, located in Grass Valley, California offers a variety of individual services from design conception to complete home packages. We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients are completely satisfied with our personalized service and commitment to excellence.

Green Sense Builder was founded as a full service company in the housing market with the ability to take a client through all the steps necessary to design and construct their future home. We are set up to eliminate the difficulties of building your own home by creating a process by which we work with each client, one on one, through every step. During the design phase we collaborate in producing a comprehensive set of construction drawings for both the building municipalities and for the contractor.  We create "Home Shell Packages" that are organized and easy to construct, both for the client and their builder.

We provide the most modern, maintenance free, energy efficient building systems on the market today, with up-to-date alternative energy systems in solar, wind and other power systems.  We are also expert in a "residential hi-tech systems", offering a complete package that goes with each new home that provides state-of-the-art high speed internet, cable, wireless, intercom, audio, and satellite systems, known in the industry as a "smart house".

Every one of our homes can attain an Energy Star Program  rating upon completion for the Energy Star "Seal of Approval".  After the shell of the home is constructed and the water system and HVAC system is activated, our compliance engineer can inspect and test the home to ensure the home exceeds the federal standards required by the Energy Star Program. Once we meet all standards each home receives an energy compliant sticker that is placed on the electrical panel which will indicate that the home exceeds the federal program requirements for an energy efficient home. Not only will the home be more energy efficient and save the homeowner money over the life of the home, but the homes resale value is increased. Refer to the Energy Star Program information section of this package.

Our purpose is to offer the most modern energy efficient building system to save both time and money. Our system does not require highly skilled tradesman to erect it.  This system allows the contractor to complete the project in less time than a conventional stick-frame building system, and is designed to function for the clients lifestyle and offers great curb appeal, while maintaining a high resale value.

Our staff can work with various alternative energy systems such as radiant heating, advanced heating and air exchange systems, and modern plumbing systems such as on-demand tankless hot water heaters, advanced PEX plumbing distribution systems, and energy efficient lighting systems. All of these systems are designed for energy efficiency, low cost installation, comfort, and low maintenance.

Green Sense Builder offers products in the general housing market that are proven to be durable with the least amount of maintenance, as well as products that are easy to install for the tradesman. The products we offer are designed to last for decades using "engineered laminated products". These products are laminated and veneered in a way that creates the look and feel of wood without the warp, crack, or breakdown of other wood products. They come pre-primed or pre-finished to reduce site costs related to finishing the home.

For the log home market we have a system with the look and feel of a real log home, but without the problems of building and maintaining of an actual log home.  Green Sense Builder, Inc. offers the SIP&Log™ system.  We have created numerous variations of log sidings as well as engineered log siding that offers higher energy efficiency for a log-look home.

Green Sense Builder, Inc.
101 W. McKnight Way
Suite B139
Grass Valley,  CA  95949

Main Sales Office:  (530)-798-0492
Please visit for information on the Green Expandable Mobile Dwelling Unit System. 
AND see for the HH Cool Panel, an advanced SIP wall system.


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