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SIP Developer Builder Program

SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) The Preferred Building System by Quality Builders, Developers and Home Owners

The Developer / Builder Program is uniquely set up to provide the small real estate investor or investor group a company that will provide a turn-key service to develop small tract type housing, or small commercial projects. Green Sense Builder principals have been engaged in the real estate development process for over 20 years in both small residential tracts and small and large commercial and industrial development projects.

Green Sense Builder, Inc. provides the management and in-house services to take raw property and develop it for resale. Green Sense Builder is able to provide the management to oversee the subdivision development providing the necessary design and engineering services, as well as Construction Management services necessary from the start of the project to completion.

Green Sense Builder provides the following:

• Complete Demographic study and analysis to determine the market conditions in the properties geographical area.

• Green Sense Builder can provide a development prospectus. Green Sense Builder provides the expertise to develop a comprehensive prospectus outlining the scope of the development project, the projected market, and the projected cost for both the initial stage and overall budget for the completion of the project, and the projected profit. The prospectus will be the formal document for presentation to buyers, investors, participants, and lenders in the development of the project.

• Green Sense Builder provides the management team for the project. The project management team will oversee the overall site development in both the design and construction. Management aspects of the initial project development include but are not limited to overseeing and directing the surveying, civil engineering, and development of subdivision plat maps, utilizing both local engineers and in-house engineers.

• Green Sense Builder will establish budgets inclusive of all pre-development cost, construction cost for both the infrastructure and building construction of models or various spec-homes as outlined in the overall development prospectus.

• Green Sense Builder will complete subtrade scope of work specifications to competitively bid the various stages of site and building construction cost.

• Green Sense Builder will provide the fabrication and delivery of the SIP panel wall and roof systems; through its host of wholesale suppliers Green Sense Builder can provide various building materials and finishes. All Subtrade work will be competitively bid, through a specific selection process.

Green Sense Builder can provide on-site project supervision for the entire construction process.

Green Sense Builder can provide these services on a fee basis or as a partner of the development. Green Sense Builder is open to discussing partnering with a real estate Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

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