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The US Department of Energy (DOE) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are working together to promote the Energy Star Homes Program. This program has been developed to help make energy-efficient homes cost competitive in the market place, giving incentive to homebuyers to make smart decisions that will pay dividends throughout the life of the home.

To qualify for this program, a home has to be 30% more efficient than homes built to the national Model Energy Code. This measurement is based on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) that has been developed by the DOE and the HERS Council. The 30% energy reduction is equivalent to a HERS rating of at least 86 on a scale of 100. The rating is attained by having a certified HERS rater compare the home with a reference model that is the same size and shape. The building is then tested for tightness and a rating is calculated. Although this service costs a few hundred dollars, the rater can help a builder find where the inefficiencies are and help make the next building better.

The program offers builders a way to distinguish their work in the marketplace by providing them with a brand-name label and preferred mortgage financing. A yellow sticker similar to that found on modern appliances is attached to the electrical service panel to identify the house as an Energy Star Home to consumers, who can compare these numbers as they shop for homes. (The sticker can be placed on Solar Controller when standard electrical meter is not used).

A standard SIP house is so tight and well insulated that it will easily meet these standards. Green Sense Builder goes much further by using engineered wood products in its finishes and sidings, use of Sierra Pacific windows to obtain maximum energy efficiency, and design and engineering alternative energy systems such as solar packaged systems and wind powered systems.  Green Sense Builder, Inc. is raising the bar for energy efficiency too much higher levels.  Green Sense Builder is putting up some big HERS numbers and really getting the attention of informed consumers.  In addition to saving tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage, Green Sense Builder Energy Star SIP Homes will be positioned for higher resale with years of low utility bills.

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A 10-year blanket warranty on each home package sold. If there is ever a problem with the products sold in our package we will repair or replace it under our blanket warranty. The manufacturer's warranty on all of our products exceeds our 10-year blanket warranty.


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